Friday, June 15, 2012

Homework Week One

We have been working on red light/green light since last week's class.  Both dogs (yes, Shadow is being "trained" too) are now sitting before the door opens to go out or in and before they get fed.  Tess picked up on this a bit quicker than Shadow, but after 8 days his butt hits the ground first every time!  The people (me) have to work on giving affection at the green light only...

We have been tethering since we brought Tess home and we are now freeing her a couple of times a day - when I know she is channeling her "inner calm."  We are trying to establish a regular schedule of potty breaks, but we aren't there yet.

Tess has really developed into a leash tugger, so that is my other priority.  She gets really frustrated with the stops and starts and direction changes, but after two days of concentrating on this she is improving.  I have limited the distance we go so I don't get too frustrated and so she has a greater amount of success.  Shadow, who has always pulled to be first, is suddenly the model leash walker.

We are also working on eye contact for treats and it is going well.  Tess is more responsive to her name when we call her.

Tess will be 14 weeks tomorrow and she weighed in at 17.1 lbs at the vet this week!

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  1. Great job, and thanks for reporting on your dog school "homework!" :)